It is best to start by asking your family doctor for recommendations. If you have friends and relatives that may be familiar with plastic surgery procedures or may even know people who’ve had them, ask them for recommendations. Qualified plastic surgeons in Houston have credentials that can be checked. American Board of Plastic Surgery certified surgeons undergo a minimum of four years of total surgery training. This includes two years of additional plastic surgery training. Additionally, the board requires them to pass extensive oral exams and comprehensive written tests. If you want to know if a doctor is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, it’s easy

Houston’s women are savvy when it concerns their health. When it comes to health, Houston women know how important it is to choose the best foods, do safe exercise, and work with doctors who are highly trained. No less intelligent when selecting a doctor, these women are also savvy in their choice of a plastic surgeon. When choosing a surgeon, they will research and inquire until they locate someone they believe to be an expert in that field with whom they could build a strong relationship. Any doctor should have an excellent rapport, but this is even more important with plastic surgeons. There is no need to pick and choose. Instead, make wise decisions. Plastic surgery involves major operations with significant outcomes. When conducting surgery, you should select a doctor who is an expert in the field.

The credentials of any qualified Houston plastic surgery will be verifiable. If you want to know if the plastic surgeon has been certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery, it is easy. Simply visit their website, Also, if the surgeons are American Society of Plastic Surgeons members, this is an indicator of their excellent training. American Board of Plastic Surgery certified surgeons are required to have completed a minimum of two years of basic surgery and three years of advanced plastic surgery. In addition, they must pass extensive written and spoken exams. A strict code is also required. Why is it important to have a “board-certified” surgeon?

Start your search for plastic surgery by consulting your primary care physician. The doctor will have no doubt been able to suggest a few qualified candidates. It is possible to check with your family or friends who may already have plastic surgery. Searches are usually started on the web. Google returns a large number of search results for the term “Houston” plastic surgeons. Some plastic surgeons provide information about their training, such as medical school or college. They may also list awards and certificates. It’s recommended to check these, because they are easily verifiable. These should include before and afterwards pictures of any procedures performed. They will be able to show you their skill through the pictures. In most cases, these testimonials are from patients who were satisfied.

Memorial Plastic Surgery has the top cosmetic surgeons Houston. Houston, Texas is home to the renowned Houston plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgical procedures center. Patrick Hsu, head of plastic surgery at Houston Plastic Surgery Center is board certified and a very skilled doctor. Along with being an internationally recognized surgeon, he is the coauthor of a book entitled “Plastic Surgery Urgencies: Principles And Techniques”. It’s a textbook that clinicians use to teach trainees. It is the perfect Houston plastic doctor.